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sight through sound


An inspired band from the Twin Cities, Sonar enters its fifteenth year of making vibrant, vocally driven music.  Drawing membership from home and abroad Sonar blends the talent of Australian Caroline Metzinger (Vocals/keyboards), Minnesotan Nate Lamusga (Bass/Guitars/Banjo), and St Louis Native Nate Reinhardt (Vocals/Guitars).  Over the past twelve years, Sonar has played at hundreds of events throughout the Twin Cities and across the country. Running the spectrum from edgy electric sets to haunting vocal acoustics, Sonar inspires, challenges, and energizes listeners of all ages.


Nate Reinhardt (Vocals, Guitars) lives in St. Paul, MN with his wife Corinne and daughter Addie.  Nate is the Director of Liturgy & Music at Holy Name Catholic Church in Medina, MN, where they are also members.

Caroline Metzinger (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) is a member of the Cathedral of St Paul in St Paul MN.  When she isn’t playing with Sonar, she works at home raising her six children with her husband, Nathan, and teaches music at Holy Trinity Catholic School in South St. Paul, MN.

Nate Lamusga (Bass, Guitars, Banjo) and his wife Hilary and their four children are parishioners at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in West St. Paul.  Outside of Sonar, Nate works for Catholic United Financial as the Director of Member Engagement.



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